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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony is a beautiful way to experience what is in our heart 


In our modern, urban way of living, we have little time for our heart and we bury our feelings with food, alcohol, numbing agents and time-wasters. Sometimes we even block happiness and joy which stunts our creative and spiritual potential.


These banished feelings and experiences are not fully forgotten and are stored in our heart and other tissues influencing physical ailments related to pain, irritation, frustration and annoyance. These feelings are waiting for a moment where they can be felt and finally released along with the toxins that are stored with them.

Cacao Ceremony is a safe place to feel, release and tap into your creative energy.


Cacao Ceremony includes

  • sacred space with an altar where participants can bring talismans, special objects and/or pictures of loved ones (if they choose) 

  • prayers of thanksgiving

  • sharing of intentions & ceremonial drinking of cacao

  • Vedic Astrology teachings (when appropriate) of how to work with the current cosmic wisdom

  • guided meditation as well as time in quiet meditation

  • healing work

  • final sharing and closing prayers

All walks of life are welcome, just bring your self to Mama Cacao

The ceremonial drink is not made from cocoa powder or what we know as hot chocolate. Ceremonial cacao is made from a fermented paste that has been prepared using a method that preserves the healing compounds found in cacao.  Other heart herbs are added into this delicious creamy cacao drink that:

  • brings oxygen to the brain & enhances mood

  • opens the heart 

  • offers protective polyphenols known to help repair the vascular system

  • calmly energizes both physically and mentally

  • heightens our senses  

  • sparks creativity and focus

  • improves circulation to the arms and legs (great for chronic cold)

The health giving compounds found in cacao are: 

  • magnesium and other minerals

  • polyphenols and antioxidants including theobromine and anandamide 

  • healthy fats (essential fatty acids)


Cacao Ceremonies can be conducted privately, with families or small gatherings in homes, and can also be held for couples.  

For group Cacao ceremonies with Elise and Angela Prider (Little Bird) in Vancouver Canada, follow:

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