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Moon Mysteries - Attend Sept 11th only

Learn Practical Vedic Astrological techniques to live according to the moon cycles

  • 27 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom gathering

Service Description

This new moon is in Leo, which is a fire sign and invokes our sense of purpose and leadership. The new moon will receive a glance from Jupiter in Aries, also a fire sign, to aid us in embarking on a necessary new adventure. We are in the heart of the retrograde season and Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, abundance and growth has just turned retrograde. The hopes and beliefs that fuel our optimism are in question and we are pondering the meaning behind all we think we know. Jupiter has been in Aries since April 21st where a new 12 year cycle began. You are on a hero’s journey and you have chosen your quest, with teachers and knowledge aligned with your dharma (or not, sometimes, it gets a little messy). With Jupiter retrograde, we shall review the past 5 months and see what is holding us back... This new moon in Leo is inspired and ready to ask: What makes me roar? Am I being a scaredy cat? Do I feel empowered? Do I lead by example? Or, do I need to stop declawing myself and embrace my power? It's time to have courage and really face what stops us from moving on our path ahead.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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