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Elise de Villiers


Elise is a Vedic Astrologer and Homeopath who works with various forms of healing including animistic folk medicine.  She is well versed in the wisdom of the cosmos and the teachings of the ancients who guide her in her readings and healings.  Elise believes that true healing will occur when we open to understand the lessons of our karmas, and accept full responsibility for our life and healing.

As an Astrologer

Elise honours the pure teachings of Jyotish, the study of light.  Her readings encourage clients to see beyond their material life and into the deeper meaning of their soul's purpose while keeping the reading easy to understand.  She helps her clients to see the greater meaning behind their obstacles/desires and offers practical ways to approach thier situation.

As a coach

Elise has lead natural health organizations and managed people within corporations for 2 decades which has helped her develop a calm, gentle yet firm, no nonsense style of coaching. 

As a practitioner

Elise has been working with earth based healing for 25 years in many forms including homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy, dowsing, touch therapies, energy medicine and her most beloved animistic folk healing practices.  Elise tunes into each client's individual energetic system to identify the issue(s) and to empower the client's nayural healing abilities.

A message from Elise

I humbly give thanks for the guidance and counsel of my teachers.  I want to specifically thank Angela Prider (AKA Little Bird) at Westcoast Shamanic and Sam Geppi at Vedic Art & Science for their continued dedication and commitment to the purity and authenticity of their teachings. Gurudev, your untiring love and patience guides me.



May the Blessings of Mama Earth and Papa Sky be with you and all of your ancestors and descendants. 

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