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Elise de Villiers


Elise has been studying and practising Vedic Astrology since 2016 in Vancouver, BC, the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.  

She is a meditation teacher and volunteer with the Art of Living which has profoundly deepened her knowledge of Vedic principles through the teachings of Gurudev, Sri Sri Ravishankar.

As an Astrologer

Elise honours the pure teachings of Jyotish, the study of light.  Her readings encourage clients to see beyond their material life and into the deeper meaning of the soul's purpose while keeping the reading easy to understand.  She helps her clients to see the greater meaning behind their obstacles & desires and offers practical ways to approach their situation.

As a coach

Elise has lead natural health organizations and managed people within corporations for 2 decades. She offers a calm, gentle yet firm, practical style of coaching that is simple to implement. 

As a practitioner

Elise has been working with natural healing practices for 25 years including homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy, dowsing, touch therapies, and animistic energy medicine.  Her understanding of how the rythms of nature guide our life and innate ability to heal, is one of the gifts of her readings.

A message from Elise

I humbly give thanks for the guidance and counsel of my teachers.  I want to specifically thank Sam Geppi and Komilla Sutton for their continued dedication and commitment to the purity and authenticity of jyotish.

Gurudev, your untiring love and patience nourishes me and your wisdom guides me. Jai Gurudev!



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