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Vedic Astrology Readings


As above, so below.

This simple aphorism sums up astrology.  What is happening in the cosmos is also happening within.

Vedic astrology is different from western astrology

Do you know your sun sign?  Is this how you have identified with astrology?
Vedic astrology is an ancient science, the study of light that, dates back 4000 years in the Vedic texts.  It uses the astronomically correct sidereal zodiac to read exactly where each planet was in the sky in the moment of your birth.  A Vedic reading is a spiritual experience, offering a much more precise, accurate, wholistic understanding of how life is unfolding for you.

Vedic astrology reveals your

  • True identity, values, interests, desires

  • What is truly in your heart ,intelligence, creative capacity

  • Health, obstacles, hardships

  • Relationships, vulnerabilities & fears

  • Career, aspirations & changes

  • Gifts hidden in your subconscious

  • Divine timing of what is to come next

An astrology reading offers a new perspective of how to work with the wisdom of the living cosmos.


When is a good time for a reading?

  • When in need of guidance.

  • At the start of a new year.

  • When contemplating a career change, or a new course in life.

  • When looking for a relationship or hoping to improve an existing one.

  • When seeking dates to start a new project or to book an event (wedding, launching a business, etc).

  • Annually, for your birthday.

  • When stuck and in need of inspiration.

  • When in search of your higher purpose, your dharmic path.


What do I need for a Vedic reading?

  • Your exact date of birth

  • Place of birth

  • Time of birth - if you do not have an exact time of birth, contact your mother/guardian who may remember or contact the hospital you were born at

  • If you do not have a time of birth, contact Elise to discuss options


How do I prepare for my

Vedic reading?

  • Ask yourself what you want to know - get clear about your questions

  • Be open and willing to receive the language of the planets

  • Walk out into the night and connect with the moon, the vast sky & track how you feel in your body when looking up


Recorded and delivered to your inbox


  • Relationship tendencies: what are your habits/blocks to watch for, what is your relationship style, who are you looking for, timing of meaningful relationships

  • Career tendencies: your true gifts and  interests connected to your dharma (truth)

  • Ask a specific question and receive what the current dasa cycle and transits have to say.  


• In person (Vancouver)
• By phone or video conferencing


  • Natal chart: your karma (actions) and how it affects this lifetime, how to work with your soul's potential, your strengths, weaknesses, habits, gifts

  • Annual reading for your birthday (Varshaphala) to work with the energies of the coming year

  • Relationship compatibility: compare two charts to see both the magic and the triggers 

  • Career counselling: your impact on the world, what you truly desire and where your gifts lie, the timing of this path

  • Spiritual Warrior reading: what does your chart say about your life purpose and divine task using the Nakshatras

  • Ask specific questions and receive what the current dasa cycle and transits have to say.  

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