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Dowsing is an ancient art of divination using a weight on a string {often metal or crystal} to determine beneficial and non-beneficial energies and to invoke natural healing abilities.


I have been dowsing since 1999 helping others with dowsing and teaching how to. Our health starts in our home and the simplest things like water quality, air quality and energetic flow can greatly impact our center of well being and ultimately our expression of health. 


How can dowsing help you?


  • Determine which foods are beneficial/non-beneficial for your body - yes, even healthy foods can be non-beneficial for a time

  • Determine the same for your supplements and herbs

  • Determine which household products are harming you and need replacing

  • Determine areas of your home that have stagnated and need clearing

  • Determine the quality of your household water, air filtration systems, and, learn how to improve the elements in your home

  • Remove obstacles to healing

  • Balance and regulate body systems

  • Learn to dowse for yourself

In person (Vancouver) or through video conferencing

  • 60 min $108

  • 30 min $54


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