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ALL Healing is a journey

What calls you here?

Are you in pain?  Is your energy low?
Is something disturbing your sleep, your peace?  

Is it physical?  Psychic?  Supernatural?

Or are you called to explore your dreams?  Your soul's work?

Are you being called to ceremony and ritual?


Illness arises when we are disconnected from Mama Earth. 

To heal yourself, you must be willing to do your work.  My teacher says that all healing is 50/50.  I will give 100% in my work, and I will ask that you commit to also giving yourself 100% commitment to your healing.

We will explore both your outer lifestyle/habits (what goes in your mouth, your cravings, your home environment, workplace, body movement, your time-wasters) and your inner realm (your spiritual practises, level of happiness, fulfillment, passion).  If your body is in pain, your energy is low or you feel disconnected and powerless we will look at all areas of life for the source, and integrate small steps to bring back your power and strength.


I offer clear, simple steps that are easy to integrate including sacred rituals


In a consultation we will explore your current health situation, your food, medications, supplements, lifestyle, movement regime and environment. We will discuss what your ideal outcome would be and a realistic time frame that you can expect results.


60 minute session $136

In person and live video conferencing are both available.

 Earth Medicing Healing 


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