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Darlene, ON Canada

"I had a complete astrology reading with Elise a couple of years ago. Through Elise's interpretation of my astrology chart, I found the reading to be very thorough, insightful and accurate. I have since been having Elise complete monthly New Moon readings for me, which I find to be really helpful in anticipating and preparing for day to day events. I am really looking forward to participating in Elise's Manifestation Course in the new year."


Bek, ON Canada

"Having a reading with Elise feels like meeting yourself for the first time. Her insight into my chart, was so specific, and so vast that it brought me into a greater sense of connection to self as I began to see where all the dots connect through my life journey. I have appreciated the wisdom of the sky to help guide next steps and to more peacefully flow in and out of relationships and circumstances. I've also felt that the insight into past experiences helps me see my light and my shadow more clearly. Vedic Astrology is a gift when it is effectively read and received. I've encouraged many people to try it, and every single one has been better for the knowledge!"



"Some say Vedic Astrology is more complex than Western Astrology. I find you get a tin more accurate information from Vedic. There were so many times in my reading where I had 'Aha!' moments. Elise takes the complexity of Vedic Astrology and simplifies it, teaching you a beautiful story about your life and where it's leading you. She takes time and really helps you understand important past, present and future dates and puts your life into perspective. I left my reading feeling like I knew myself better and I'm excited to keep learning more."

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