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Aries New Moon (sidereal zodiac)May 7th 2024

May 7th 2024

The new moon in Aries (ruled by Mars), will be on Tuesday, which is Mars’ day.  The warrior energy is strong, with an exalted sun (sun in its power house) so use it to construct a stronger more disciplined you.

Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac and is associated with birth. The courage and bravery of an infant is astounding as it travels through a narrow passageway to transform from a water being toto an air being. This is the area of the sky where we can think of the impossible and go for it, acting now and thinking later.

The Nakshatra of this new moon is Bharani, the Yoni, the feminine doorway to the world. Bharani is ruled by Lord Yama, the god of death who carries out his duty of escorting souls. As the feminine body, bears the fruits of the next generation, our ideas and desires bear the consequences too. This is a cycle of new beginnings, new projects, so ensure they are aligned with truth/dharma and the fruit you will bear will be sweet and nourishing.

Aries is a masculine fire sign that inspires action and initiation. The sun is powerful here and our energy and vitality are stronger. This combination brings about more discipline to do what is right. Use this to begin or refresh a regime that purifies and strengthens the body so you can take action to live your truth:


*exercise, do yoga

*play sports, engage in adventure, take a little risk

*eat less, eat clean, remove sugar/junk

*lighten your psychic load with breath and meditation

Make a commitment to yourself to emerge refreshed, motivated and excited about your life. Aries evokes our true identity, which is hidden under all the toxins, illusions and mind clutter. 


Mars is the ruler of Aries, and governs your blood and vital force. It rules the third chakra, the center of your self-will and courage to do what is right. Look within and discover where you have been lazy, then reinvigorate with Mars. 

Moving your body moves the stagnation in the mind and shifts you to serve your highest power.  

Expressing your individuality is important and your most authentic self is not what you think others want you to be.  Be brave and dare to be authentic.

May 10th is a very auspicious day… stay tuned for more about this…



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