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Full Moon in Gemini

Full moon in sidereal Gemini

January 6, 2023 at 3:07pm PST

The sun is in Sagittarius which means this full moon is opposite in Gemini today. The Sagittarius sun brings focus to what we believe in and the moon in Gemini challenges our beliefs with questions and a spirit of inquiry.

Often we become zealous in our beliefs, preaching and trying to convert others to our way of seeing. Think of how much we identify with our beliefs in even in things like food choices. There are daily micro wars over beliefs like “woke” culture, which political party we follow, who we think will further our financial aspirations, etc. Beliefs are not just spiritual oriented, but the inner motivation that drives us to act.

Ideally, the mission of the Sagittarius Sun is to align us with spiritual teachers, especially living masters who challenge all of these illusions we carry, and help us to shatter our identity so that we can experience our true self.

This full moon, we are meant to explore our deep seated philosophies and to challenge them and poke holes in them by inquisitively exploring within. The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, is retrograde with the sun in Sag, and asking us to explore our inner-verse, asking: Do I allow my beliefs to be challenged? Am I fighting ideas that oppose my faith? Am I dismissing ideas because they are not my own?

Todays full moon is in Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by lord Shiva. This star mansion is fierce and demands destruction and transformation of our ignorance. Anything you are gripping to is holding you back from your greatness. See if you can relax into a state of openness and accept that you do not have all of the answers. What a relief to know that we don’t know!

Big changes are coming this year! Stay tuned for more…



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