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Full moon in sidereal Libra


April 23 2024

Tonight we will bask under a radiant full moon in front of the constellation of Libra.  Libra is the masculine expression of Venus and shows how we actively harmonize and collaborate with others to fulfill our desire of union.

Libra, is symbolized by the scales showing how we seek “balance” in relationships as we yearn to share our perception of happiness with others. Balance involves weighing the desires of both people, then navigating the dynamic challenge that unfolds as both try to achieve their version of fairness. Sacrifices must be made in order to compromise and make long term partnerships work. 

Relationships are a series of negotiations that toggle back and forth before either person can feel “balanced”.  Then, within moments of achieving equilibrium, life quickly adds another variable and we must seek homeostasis again. Over time we decide which relationships are worth the effort (sacrifice)or not.  

The full moon in Libra is opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Aries reminding us that on our quest for independence and self knowledge, we eventually wish to share with others. We realize that the compromises/adjustments we make to join forces in partnership are worth it, as we are so much more together than alone. The key is to encourage and support one another’s autonomy and solitude while also surrendering to the needs of the relationship.

The ruler of Libra, Venus, is in the Gandanta, the karmic knot between Pisces and Aries, where she moves from loving, gentleness to wild, fiery excitement with demands. It can be a challenging few days from April 23-25th in relationships, so be kind to yourself and others and avoid big conversations about “why” your love is behaving the way they are… it is just a time, it will pass.

The Nakshatra of this moon is Swati ruled by Vayu (air) which controls the intellect  and is symbolized by the sword.  It reminds us of the one pointed power of our mind when it is focused and light.  We must train our mind daily by cutting through the density of out thoughts with meditation.   



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