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Have you felt the shift?

Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the moon, shifted into Aries and Libra last week. The nodes travel in opposition and change signs every 1.5 years, stirring up the debris in the collective and our individual unconscious, revealing what is hidden so that it can be healed.

Rahu and Ketu are only visible during the eclipses, so like the shadows of our mind, they are normally invisible. These powerful shadow points will swallow the sun or moon during an eclipse to disrupt the light that guides us, awakening us to our neglected self and destructive behaviours. Tracking Rahu and Ketu is essential to our self awareness, evolution and growth.

The shift of Rahu into fiery Aries has awakened the fresh start, renewal and action we were craving after 2 years of obsession with safety measures. The ruler Mars, our warrior nature, is ready to break free of stagnation with vigorous energy, itching to burst out into adventure and self fulfillment.

But in our quest for rebirth, we must be aware not to obliterate our relationships. Beware of self obsession, self interest, attachment to personal opinions, and imposing your authority without considering the needs of others.

You see, opposite Aries, is Ketu in Libra, questioning our relationships and their purpose because Ketu just wants us to detach and focus on our soul. This is tough because Libra includes letting go of attachments to relationships, luxuries, transactions (shopping) and pleasures. Of course this will be most difficult for partnerships that lack a spiritual bond.

Instead, you are meant to find your dharma, being authentic at all times. This personal path of truth includes taking care of your mind, your body, soul and creative expression, despite what anyone else thinks. This will lead to more meaningful connections in relationships, where you can relate soul to soul.

The next 18.5 months will take you on a journey to learn the precious balance between your worldly and spiritual lives. May simplicity lead you to harmony while you are directed by your light.

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