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Social Change with Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius

April 28 - July 12, 2022

Saturn is the slowest moving planet that we can look upon with our naked eyes. It travels slowly, taking 2.5 years to transit a sign. It shows us which part of our life we need to restructure and rebuild. We often resist Saturn lessons because they are difficult, however, they are the very situations that lead us to our greatness.

We have endured the limitations and restrictions of Saturn in Capricorn since January 2020 which marked the start of the pandemic. Lockdowns changed our family lives, our work, travel and ability to gather. Corporations restructured to allow us to work from home, cities were abandoned for rural life, planes were grounded and nature was left alone, able to rejuvenate itself. We were able to simplify our lives and reassess our priorities.

Now, Saturn moves into Aquarius temporarily as we are not yet complete with Capricorn lessons. For the next couple of months (May-July), Saturn will give us a glimpse into the future of what is to come from 2023-2025 when Saturn moves fully into Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of the collective consciousness where we dream up ways to contribute and make the world a better place. Now that our physical work lives have changed, Saturn in Aquarius will put pressure on our minds, forcing us to elevate our thoughts and ideas to understand the equality we all require on a mass scale. Aquarius rules logic, science and society so we can expect to be inspired to invent new concepts, projects and products for social healing and to reduce the pollution we have dropped on our precious planet earth.

On a personal level, consider some selfless service in your community, ensuring that our neighbours are fed, clothed and sheltered and that all creatures are treated with compassion.

All utopian concepts are welcome and the more we do as individuals, the more the collective mind will shift. We are the change we have been waiting for… right?

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