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Venus transits into Aries...Take it easy…

Venus has been travelling through her sign of glory, Pisces, gracing us with peace, creativity and harmony. This weekend she finishes her time in water and begins her movement into fire as she enters Aries on Monday.

This is a steamy transition path in the sky that we call the gandanta. It describes an unravelling karmic knot that releases emotional energy from the past. During this transition we experience turbulent feelings and Venus things, like happiness and relationships, can seem to come undone.

Venus in Aries (starting on Monday) shifts our focus to self, with a desire to please our personal needs by demanding what we want. Expect things to move quickly, feelings of impatience to arise and a perceived need to individuate from others . This is further accelerated by Rahu’s presence in Aries, emphasizing independence and personal freedom.

Venus to Aries is a passionate transition and can be sexually steamy as well, but be mindful not to toss your beloved out for something new and shiny (and temporary). Venus in Aries is impulsive but she ultimately just wants to love and be loved.

Being mindful of the Venus transition this weekend, try not to make relationship decisions and focus on the happiness received in nature, or from creative projects.



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