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Cosmic Beauty

New Moon in Taurus

May 30th 4:30am PT/ 7:30am ET

Monday’s new moon is framed by the constellation of Taurus, a feminine sign that grounds us to the earth. Here, we give thanks for all of Gaia’s generosity, especially for our bodies; our most precious gift from Her.

Taurus is symbolized by the cow or bull, a gentle, vegetarian animal that is revered for its nourishing milk and peaceful nature. These are the holy cows of Ireland who gather and graze amongst ancient monoliths. When the lunar cycle in Taurus arrives, we too, wish to gather with family and loved ones around food, as we seek security and nourishment. Like these cows grazing on holy land, try to find the sacred in every morsel of food you eat, every friend you hug, every flower you smell and savour the abundance around you.

The Taurus lunar cycle generally offers a slower pace, time to smell the roses and enjoy nature. Here in N America, it is time for planting and gardening the seeds of our future fruits, flowers and herbs.

The ruler, Venus, however, is in Aries now, where she is all fired up, agitated, passionate, and a little comfortable. This can heighten anxiety, as she crosses over Rahu (the N Node) around June 15-17, so be aware of overreacting in selfish ways.

The Nakshatra of this new moon is Rohini where we see the red star Aldebaran. This section of sky is symbolized by a chariot, the preferred transportation of the gods. We think of "riding in style" and our desire for luxury and beauty. The deity is Brahma, the creator who sees beauty, falls in love and wants to merge with his creation. This shows us to be mindful of the possessiveness and greed that arises when we attach to what we love. We want to hang on to what we have and forget that abundance is for sharing.

Be gentle with yourself and others, realize that the true luxuries in life are are happiness and gratitude, and that your true attractiveness comes from your divine sparkle.



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