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Intense times

This isn’t an easy week. It is important to keep your mind light, to drink lots of water and stay cool by the lake, river, ocean, creek or pool nearby. Times like this challenge us to stay cool, calm and centred.

Aries is an underlying focus for all of us this year as Rahu (N Node) transits here. Rahu in Aries shows us that we are voraciously obsessed with fire, passion, weapons, our own new ideas, individuality and taking creative risks that lead to personal freedom and independence. Mars, the ruler of Aries is approaching Rahu this week, bringing even more fire and fight, so be aware of impulsive, explosive reactions.

Opposite is Ketu, the S Node in Libra, and our relationships as we know them are disintegrating. If our partnerships do not have a deeper purpose, a spiritual substance, Ketu is not interested and will unravel the tie that bonds. Use this as a time to dissolve old relationship patterns that no longer serve you.

A good habit this week, if you sense tension, cool it down with a deep breath, kind words, or, excuse yourself before anything is heightened. Mars is glancing directly at Mercury and we can spew some fighting words with cutting effects if we are not careful.

Saturn is retrograde in his own sign of Capricorn (again) which has increased our stress and pressure since mid July. Saturn will be opposite the new moon in Cancer, reminding us to harmonize our work/life balance. No one is going to do it for you, so structure your days giving enough time for work, family, chores, and fun. Saturn rules time. In Capricorn, he pressure tests us to see if we are being responsible with our most precious resource (time).

Mars with Rahu and Saturn both cast a glance on the New Moon today adding pressure and sharpness to our feeling nature. We need to stay anchored in our heart, and self soothe to keep centred. Compassion goes a long way this week.

Jupiter turns retrograde July 28th and asks us what we believe in right now? Who are our teachers? Is wisdom leading our way? Hopefully we have mentors and guides in our life and are not relying on the “news”, our own thoughts or the opinions of the masses to guide us. Now more than ever, we need to ponder the wonders of the universe through the Vedas, and other sacred texts of the ascended masters so that we can be lifted up beyond the shadow of our collective consciousness.

And yes, this too shall pass. So for now, stay cool calm and centred.



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