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New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Sidereal Leo

Aug 27th at 1:17am PT


The sun has been home in Leo since August 16th and we are feeling more energized with inner strength. After the Cancer lunar cycle, where we turned towards our feelings to become clear about what we love, we are now ready to focus and take action. In Leo, we express the courage to lead forward with our hearts.


As the moon joins the sun, we begin a new lunar cycle dedicated to self confidence and personal power. On a lower frequency, Leo can be expressed as self centred and egotistical, yet our job is to connect with its highest expression, which guides us away from our selfishness and inflated egos towards humility and courageous sovereignty. Then, we recognize that our responsibilities are an honour and we vow to take care of our family, our work and community, no matter how challenging. There is no room for shying away from our duties or acting cowardly, instead, we learn about our true strength and grit by facing all that comes our way.


The new Moon Nakshatra is Magha, symbolized by a throne and the inner sanctum. Leo, sitting regally on the throne, is symbolic of the seat we take for meditation. When we sit with our spine straight, the wisdom of the cosmos flows through. Our crown is reaching to the heavens while the base of the spine is rooted in mama earth. In this position, we are quiet, still, yet in our greatest power. We awaken and realize that we do not manage our kingdom alone, and that if we make space within, the ancestors and their divine knowledge direct us. When we sit in silence daily, we receive so much support.


There are 4 planets in their own signs for this New Moon, 3 of them are retrograde. These forces are powerful, awake and reflective within us. The Sun, our guiding light and Moon, our mind, take the throne in Leo, leading us towards dharma (to act in accordance with cosmic law). But how do I know my dharma? By sitting in silence… then we know.


New Moon Blessings


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