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New Moon in Sagittarius

Jan 2nd 10:33am PT / 1:33pm ET

This is our official New Years Day, the first new moon after the winter solstice, linking the solar and lunar calendars. We are not complete without the feminine, without the moon!

The year begins in Sagittarius, located at the galactic center, in the Milky Way, the place the Mayan’s called the world tree. Sagittarius is symbolized by a mythical centaur, half human, half horse, aiming a bow and arrow. We are that mystical creature on a hero’s journey. We are on a quest for truth, wisdom and divine direction.

We land in Sagittarius after a dark night of the soul in Scorpio (last month) where we discovered that we had no control and realized we must surrender to something greater than our singular existence. In Sagittarius, we are inspired to begin our quest for higher meaning and to find our true purpose.

Your new years resolutions are wise if you connect them to this new moon. The sun and moon joining bring heavenly power and support to your goals. Now, dig deeper and get to the core of what will truly bring meaning to your life this year. Forget the small superficial stuff, go big! Ask, who am I? Who is my maker? How did I get here? What is my purpose?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is Guru (teacher). Connect with your teacher. Sign up for classes, study what you love. Find your spiritual path. Dedicate yourself to wisdom teachings, growth and expansion. Be in awe and wonder as you begin this new year.

The Nakshatra or stellar mansion of this new moon is Purva Ashada, the invincible star. Whatever we bring forth under this new moon will be undefeated and sure to succeed if we are patient and committed to overcome any obstacles. The ruler is the Apas, the cosmic waters, connected to the vast ocean of consciousness where all knowledge is birthed. If your new goals include education, studies and spiritual expansion, the Milky Way will provide for your success.

Blessings this New Moon, New Year!


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