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New Moon in Capricorn

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

I am looking to the sky for insights about the upcoming New Moon which will be on Feb. 11 @ 11:16am PT or 2pm ET in sidereal Capricorn. Joining the sun and moon is a planetary pile up with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury Retrograde and Pluto! This is an incredible concentration of energy and it is so important that we pay attention: What we focus on has the power to materialize with the ruler Saturn present.

Capricorn is symbolized by a crocodile in Vedic Astrology; agile in water and solid on earth. Crocodile is a fierce hunter, yet a tender mama, carrying her delicate young around so gently in her deadly mouth. This is how we are to be in life, mighty in our survive and thrive skills, yet soft and loving with ourselves and loved ones. But often, we focus too much on material success, possessing what we own, thus becoming rigid and losing the fluid motion through the waters of our heart.

The key to navigating this moon cycle is to bring your heart to your duties and work.

In order to tap into our fullest potential and manifest our dreams and joys, we must first sit in stillness. In stillness the greatest secrets drip like nectar into our open crown.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, teaches us to have a straight spine, to sit in solitude, suspending time, allowing the nectar to enter.

Make time for meditation this new moon so that your true self can be revealed.

It is important not to sleep through this moon cycle.

Meditate, connect to your heart and tap into this powerful force.

How do you wish to structure your life?

What needs to change?

In order to make new, you must let something die.

All of these planets support this radical shift!

Remember your work from last month in Saggittarius.

Your beliefs and philosophies bring you hope and joy. Reach to your highest wisdom for guidance and build on this foundation of faith in the universe.

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