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Full moon in Scorpio

May 23, 2024

This full moon in Scorpio is opposite the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in a very tight conjunction (known as combustion). When planets are this close to the sun, they are burned up and purified by the sun’s light so we cannot see them in the sky.

The Sun is the source of life, Venus is the relationship/transaction planet and is powerful in her own sign of Taurus while Jupiter is teachings, grace and children. Relationships, children, teachings and trade can be pushed too hard towards burn out right now. This full moon reminds us that we are not in control of anything and must cool down, and accept what is.

These planets in Taurus are also stabilizing and grounding, teaching us to move towards a Sattwic lifestyle of simplicity, generosity, and pure teachings. This Scorpio moon reminds us to keep a little edginess too, to make room for the unknown, the unpredictable, to embrace uncertainty… as this is where the magic lies… in the mystery.

Scorpio’s transformative nature rocks our boat, makes us shaky, more vulnerable. The moon, our mind, is at its weakest here because there is nothing to contain the vast ocean of passing emotions. However, we can tap into the power of our vulnerabilities, feel the discomfort, and have the courage to explore what lingers deep inside. Like a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean, our greatest treasures lie within.

This opposition of Taurus and Scorpio allows us to ground and stabilize while going deep. The wounds we uncover in Scorpio are healed with nature’s healing balm in Taurus. Often we oscillate between extremes, either completely in the comfort of Taurus or lost in the instability of Scorpio, but the power is in dancing between the two and healing deeply.

This full moon is in Anuradha Nakshatra, ruled by Mitra, the god of friendship. It tells the story of Radha, the beloved consort of Krishna. She adored Krishna and embraced God as her best friend. She did not see the divine as separate from her, and as a result, she is eternally by his side. Radha represents that devotional side of us, that yearns to adore someone, something. We try to adore our lovers, our children, our fantasies and yet nothing quite quenches our thirst, until we find the wellspring of the divine in our hearts. When we make the divine our best friend, our heart blossoms beyond time and space.

If you enjoy these moon teachings, I offer a monthly moon workshop where I share about the power of embracing the moon cycles in your life. If you are interested, message me, I would love to hear from you.



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