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I am sure you have been feeling the intensity of the sky for several weeks now. This weekend, take good care of yourself, rest and be kind.

We are in the midst of several planetary wars. First, there has been a long tension (since mid Feb) between Mars and Venus. Next is between Venus and Saturn on Monday and then April 4th will host a stand off, Mars vs Saturn. These are all taking place in the sign of Capricorn which signifies our karmic reckoning through our worldly actions and ambitions. On a global level, we see the age old pattern of country leaders warring over boundaries and aiming to control through fear.

This weekend, the waning (darkening) moon travels through Capricorn and journeys over Mars, Venus and Saturn. The moon is our mind so we can expect some mixed emotions that feel heavy and uncomfortable. Capricorn is an earth sign so you may wish to shift your energy with forest walks, tree hugs, mountain hikes and fresh air.

So… Monday, Venus and Saturn conjoin with Mars nearby in the sign of stress, duty, serious work and responsibility. We will notice tension build as Mars approaches his enemy Saturn, and you may feel pressured or blocked, so breathe through it…. count to 10 before reacting or confronting or arguing… Let it pass.

We can surrender knowing that we are in a time we cannot control. The best remedy for the anxiety we feel is breathing and allowing the feelings to pass through.

And if you are up to it, this is a powerful period for personal work. Our deep karmic patterns are being stirred and we can see them in our mind’s activities. Sitting still, going inside and watching your internal movie will help you understand what you are working through right now.

We are all feeling the strength of this transit. Be gentle with yourself, take the space and time you need and rest.

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