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Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Mercury is retrograde between January 30th and February 20th, 2021.

When Mercury appears to move backwards (retrograde), we are being shown a new perspective. In order to chance direction, we must first slow down and then turn around, which is exactly what Mercury appears to be doing in the sky. This change in direction creates the unmistakeable Mercury Retrograde symptoms of indecision, changeable thinking, communication mishaps and technological blunders.

When we are prepared and know about these directional changes, however, we can use them wisely and they will not disrupt our lives. This retrograde is actually a reminder to look inward and be mindful.

The Mercury retrograde begins in sidereal Aquarius where we are in tune with the collective. Here, we are not just an individual, but a member of our community, culture, country and the web of life. What are your inner thoughts about humanity right now? Is your thinking aligned with the change you wish to see in the world?

Next, Mercury will move back into Capricorn to join a planetary gathering with Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Venus.

Like any good drama, all of this energy in one sign can capture our attention and distract us outward with what others are doing. And because it is in Saturn's sign (Capricorn), we can lose ourself in other people's fear and worry while we also create our own.

Use this period wisely for self reflection around Capricorn themes; are your focussed on the right things? What are you working hard towards? Who and what are you committed to? Does it complement who you are? What needs to be restructured? Are you making time for stillness/silence?

Mercury is our intelligence. When we orient our skilled mind towards the hard work of Saturn, the wisdom of Jupiter, the power of the sun and Venus connections, we have a winning combination for creating a beautiful life through diligent, organized Capricorn. Be careful not to sink into the alternative of stress, pressure and doubt - we always have a choice, so choose with intelligence.

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