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New Moon in sidereal Aquarius

March 2nd 9:34am PT / 12:34pm ET

The new moon in Aquarius is very intense this year. We are seeing a phenomenon where all of the planets (Sun to Saturn) are contained within the two Saturn ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. This means the 7 planets are also hemmed within the shadowy nodes of the moon, forming a Kal Sarpa yoga (the Serpent of time). There is a feeling of imbalance as the planets are concentrated on one side of the sky with Saturn dominating.

As Saturn sits in rulership of this new moon and the planets, he brings intense seriousness, heaviness, and a genuine reality check about the state of our minds. Look at the theme of division around the world and in the collective.

Saturn brings concentrated effort, stress and pressure but it also brings sensitivity and selflessness through Aquarius. This is the sign where we can observe our connection to one another through the web of life. Here we can remember that the effects of our behaviours ripple out into the universe creating our global community. Hopefully we use this knowledge to send our light through prayers of acceptance and coexistence.

This is the wisdom of prayer flags. Mantras are sung into the flags with love, imbedding those prayers into the fabric. The flags are hung and wave in the wind, spreading grace and love to our neighbours and community. When times get tough, we can always send more prayers into the world.

Aquarius represents the humanitarian core within us, where we are truly selfless and care-full to be kind to others. The highest frequency we can express is selfless service with the intention of leaving the world in a better place for the generations to come.

The Nakshatra of this new moon is Shatabishak, symbolized by 100 doctors and 100 medicines. To heal, we learn to acknowledge what is wounded within. Dis-ease, leads us on a journey where we receive many empowerments from healers and healing plants. This is a voyage into the mysteries of our mind, revealing the wounded healer and the light within.

These challenging times are leading us inward to heal ourselves. As each one of us settles our mind, we contribute to the frequency of the collective.

Raise your vibration!



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