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New Moon in sidereal Cancer July 28th...

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

uly 28th at 10:54am PT / 1:54pm ET

The sun and moon unite during a new moon creating a cosmic seed moment that is potent for new beginnings. This New Moon is in the sign of Cancer ruled by the water element and the Moon herself. This is the sign of the Divine Feminine where our urge to nurture and love unconditionally is strongest. We are more sensitive and in tune with others, yet there is explosive friction in the air from Mars and Rahu in Aries aspecting the new moon and tension from Saturn retrograde who is opposite in Capricorn. See my post earlier this week for more details.

In Cancer we enter the realm of emotions where some are rejoicing and feel at home in their heart, and others are running from the waves of pain they have been avoiding. Our job is to anchor into the heart and sink below our turbulent emotions to a place of unconditional love for ourself. This requires self tenderness, a kind of self parenting to soothe and calm our inner waters.

When we seek unconditional love from lovers and peers, we are asking for too much. They cannot love us like a parent would, nor should they. We fear their potential rejection and crawl into our shells, ready to lash out with our claws (the crab), defending our vulnerability. If you are feeling this way, a good remedy is to give selflessly to a child, pet or to volunteer. You will suddenly notice your defences have melted and your joy returns.

This new moon is in the auspicious Nakshatra Pushya, symbolized by the cow’s udder showing how a mother’s body provides a flow of nourishment for her babe. Parenthood teaches us sacrifice, because we learn to put our own needs aside for another. Without understanding sacrifice, we become needy, clingy and possessive. When we learn to give our time and energy to another, we realize the power of love to transform us into a devotional being.

Unconditional love means that we give love without looking for anything in return. This moon cycle is a chance to turn your love selflessly towards children, pets/animals, the elderly, etc. Once your start to serve/give, you will forget all about what you do not have and will be filled with gushing love for no reason.

This new moon cycle, learn about love, sacrifice and wisdom. The divine mother is within you, and always willing to soothe and comfort you, so sink into the solitude of your heart, and let her wrap you in her cloak of stars.



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