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Renewal - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

April 30, 2022

Our first solar eclipse of the year is in Aries, in front of Bharani Nakshatra. This is the sky place of renewal and new beginnings. Are you ready for a reset?

During the solar eclipse, the light of the sun is swallowed by Rahu (the N Node of the moon) and we witness the shadow side of our personal power. Astronomically the moon, our mind is blocking our light, the sun. This is a holy time, meant for prayer, mantra, fasting and meditation. Spend time alone and in a state of mindfulness, allowing your issues around power and dominance to arise and be witnessed. What comes up for you can be worked with internally for the next 6 months.

During an eclipse, our shadows, are visible. Hidden self parts emerge to be acknowledge and welcomed home. This is a powerful time for personal work and recognition of the difference between self absorption and self awareness.

Aries is ruled by the fire element and Mars, the warrior planet, helping us to embrace our strength, courage and valour so to face our inner demons, obsessions and hungry ghosts (addictions).

Take this opportunity to awaken your inner yogi and select ways to purify your temple (your precious body). Commit to a regime of compassionate consumption through drinking more water, eating less animal products, eating more plants, removing sugar, alcohol and other impurities that bring your frequency down.

This isn’t about judging yourself. Mars gives us the power to fire up the belly and sweat out toxins. With this renewed energy, we are able to make better choices and you know you will feel energized by choosing wisely.

The Nakshatra Bharani is symbolized by the yoni, the portal that brings life from the immaterial to the material. This star section of Aries is where we push forth new creations after long incubations. What are you ready to express?

Lord Yama, god of death, rules this new moon and reminds us of our duty to bear the fruits/consequences of our thoughts, ideas and choices. If anything needs to die, give it to the lord of death during this cycle, so that new life can sprout forth.

Creativity, ingenuity, passion and enthusiasm are yours to birth this cycle. If you are feeling heavy, lighten your load with a cleanse, forest bath and early morning sun greetings. Gratitude for each exquisite breath will help to lighten the load.

Blessings to you


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