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Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus

May 1 2024 - May 14, 2025

Last year marked the beginning of a new Jupiter cycle when he entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Every 12 years we embark on a new hero’s journey that takes us around the wheel of life, as Jupiter moves 1 sign per year, and we explore what inspires us, gives us purpose and makes us grow.

Jupiter moves from Mars ruled Aries into Venus ruled Taurus on May 1st. This change from action (fire) to introspection (slow moving earth) will bring much needed rest, nourishment and healing to your journey for a year.

Aries allowed for individuation, giving you the courage to enthusiastically embark on your next big adventure. Now, in Taurus you can stop and smell the roses, spend time with family/loved ones, nourish yourself and gather resources for the next steps.  

Jupiter rules wealth and Taurus wants to build and hold assets. This is a good combination for accumulation of money and resources, but be aware of becoming trapped in greed and comfort which can lead to stagnation and sticky old patterns. We can become enamoured by the pursuit of riches and forget what is most important; the dharma and freedom found in Aries.

Taurus brings shelter and stability, which is much needed in life, but the challenge lies in becoming so comfortable that we become lazy and try to control our environment so we don’t need to move. Life is not meant to be cozy all the time. Can you learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable?… at least a little bit each day.

Jupiter is the wisdom and knowledge that makes us grow. Taurus is the sensuality we experience in nature, so let the outdoors be your teacher. Be outside and hear the birds, smell the flowers, feel the sun and breeze on your skin and taste the wild while taking in all the visual wonders. We become 2 dimensional sitting in front of screens all day and must make a promise to escape and be under the grand sky for at least 20 minutes a day. Can you do this? Give yourself back your multidimensionality by breaking away from the screen and being outside?

Taurus will teach us about attachments and how we become shackled by them.

The goal of Jupiter in Taurus is for us to become content with what we have and to understand that we possess nothing. With gratitude in our hearts, we realize this.



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